Teen fatally stabbed in Dagenham won’t be buried in borough due to ‘threats’ made to family

A teenager who was fatally stabbed in Dagenham earlier this month won’t be buried in the borough due to “threats” being made to his family by gang members, his uncle has revealed.

Wazabakana Elenda Jordan Kukabu, 18, known as Jordan, was stabbed to death near Dagenham Heathway Tube station on Friday, May 5.

Cllr Michel Pongo of Chadwell Heath Ward

Jordan’s uncle, Michel Pongo, a Barking and Dagenham councillor, paid tribute to his nephew the following day on Twitter, warning anyone involved in gangs to “drop your knife” and quit “before it is too late”.

At a council meeting on Wednesday May 17, Cllr Pongo told the chamber his family is unable to bury Jordan in Barking and Dagenham due to threats made to his cousin.

Cllr Pongo of Chadwell Heath Ward, said: “Do we know how many gangs there are in the London borough of Barking and Dagenham?

“My nephew will not be buried [here] because my cousin has received threats from a lot of people, so there are gangs out there that are running this borough.”

He also told the chamber that after his nephew died he met with five bereaved parents who had lost a child to murder.

Cllr Pongo said: “All of them actually [told] me that kids are [preyed and watched on] at the age of 11 in the borough, can I just ask Cllr Syed Ghani is there any measures that the council will put in place to prevent kids from joining gangs?”

Cllr Ghani who is the cabinet member for enforcement and community safety, said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with the deceased, yes we are very sorry and this is something that gangs do.”

He went on to say that the Lost Hours campaign, which was set up by the council, police and youth services to tackle the rise of serious youth violence in the borough, has been “very important” in an attempt to clamp down on gang culture.

Cllr Ghani added: “In terms of prevention and what we are doing, the Lost Hour campaign is one of the things.

“Yesterday I had a meeting with the chief executive and Ch Supt Stuart Bell [of the East Area], we talked about [putting] a [knife] archway in the station and we’ve talked about knife amnesty, this is something that you will see and [there will be] more visible policing in our markets and our stations.

“This is not just our priority – gangs and knife crime – this is the Mayor of London’s priority as well. So we need more resources, more money, more things but but we are working on that.”


Ruby Gregory

Local Democracy Reporter