Ten of the strangest love laws that could land you in trouble this Valentine’s Day

Over 12 million adults celebrated Valentine’s Day in Britain last year, but there are a number of little-known laws related to love from around the world that can get you into serious trouble with authorities.

Ahead of this year’s celebrations, The University of Law (Ulaw)has shared ten of the weirdest, yet completely real laws, which could land love birds in trouble on the 14th February.

  1. Lovemaking on a motorbike
    It’s illegal to have intercourse on a parked motorbike in London. However, the law specifically states the vehicle must be parked for this crime to apply, which raises the question about what the law says about a moving motorbike.
  2. Be polite to your mother-in-law
    In Wichita, Kansas, there is a law which makes it compulsory to be nice to your mother-in-law. A spouse would have grounds for divorce in the instance of any mistreatment of their mother.
  3. Easy on the chocolates
    Gifting your Valentine a box of chocolates weighing more than 22.5 kilograms is illegal in Idaho. It would probably take until the following Valentine’s Day to get through them after all.
  4. Keep your tyres pumped up
    You are breaking the law if you have intercourse in a vehicle with flat wheels in Cottonwood, Arizona. The punishment for this is a fine, which would be doubled if you have intercourse on the back seat. As good a reason as any to check your tyre pressure.
  5. Cover up in your hotel room
    Think again if you’ve booked a romantic evening in a Singapore hotel, because if you’re spotted nude in a private place exposed to public view, you are committing a crime and can face a fine or even jail. Also, in China, women are not allowed to walk around a hotel room unclothed (except in the bathroom).
  6. Make sure you’re both awake
    Prince Charming beware. In Logan County, Colorado, it’s against the law to kiss the lips of a sleeping woman.
  7. Avoid walk-in meat freezers
    In Newcastle, Wyoming, lovemaking inside a walk-in meat freezer is a crime. We do wonder, however, if this really needs to be a crime to put people off trying it?
  8. Brush your teeth
    It’s important to be considerate of your oral hygiene if you’ve just polished off a particularly pungent Valentine’s Day meal. In Alexandria, Minnesota, a man is actually forbidden from having intercourse with his wife with the smell of garlic, onion, or sardines on his breath. If his wife requests it, the law makes it compulsory for him to brush his teeth.
  9. Tame your facial hair
    It’s a good job Valentine’s Day doesn’t fall during ‘Movember’ for residents of Eureka, Nevada, as it is illegal there for men with facial hair on their top lip to kiss women.
  10. Respect the church
    In Birmingham, it’s an offence to have intercourse on church stairs after sunset.

Aruna Verma, Associate Professor at The University of Law, adds: “Valentine’s Day is a wonderful celebration of romance where people can pull out all the stops for their beloved partners, but the fun could be stopped if the above laws aren’t abided by.

“Some of the above laws may be outdated and not properly enforced anymore, but a few countries have even tried to ban Valentine’s Day in recent memory, so you should always consider the laws and culture of other countries when travelling abroad.”


Mick Ferris

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