Thai restaurant in Leytonstone closed down over filthy conditions

Photos from a Leytonstone Thai restaurant shut down over its appalling hygiene reportedly sickened a judge.

Waltham Forest Council took the owners of Petch Sayam, on High Road, Leytonstone, to court after an inspection ( on October 22.

Council officers found evidence of rats and mice, as well as filthy conditions in the kitchen.

On October 28, Thames Magistrates Court ruled the restaurant may not reopen until it no longer poses a risk to customers. They also ordered the owners to pay costs of £922.

Deputy leader Cllr Clyde Loakes said: “I’m told the Magistrate had to stop looking at the photos as she was feeling nauseous – and I don’t blame her.

“We will not tolerate a reckless approach to customers’ health at any time, never mind during a global pandemic.

“Restaurants and takeaways must always maintain good hygiene standards, or face the very real consequences.”

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Conditions in the kitchen

Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter