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It was certainly a week of highights from Lewis winning a gripping British Grand Prix and England coming through a penalty shootout with the sort of clinical precision that has been sadly missing from their outfield play (although the YouTube clip of ITV pundit Karen Carney reacting to it is almost as entertaining) to the wonderful reception given to 98-year old Sir David Attenborough as he arrived at Wimbledon’s centre court to watch the day’s action.

Then, of course, there was the small matter of a new Government.

I expect that the period over Thursday and into Friday was my last election all nighter of posting Essex and east London results online as they came in, and if that does indeed turn out to be the case, then I really couldn’t have wished for a more momentous 12 hours to go out on.

Throughout the night, politcal commentators were hoping for what they called a Portillo moment and every time another cabinet member or seemingly ubiquitous Tory figure was sent packing – Mordaunt, Shapps, Rees-Mogg, Keegan etc etc – that memorable result from 1997 was referred to.

But the final act of karma, just as that f*** this I’m going to bed feeling was beginning to take seed, created a new benchmark for all future examples of the once mighty falling to be measured against.

I’m referring, of course, to Liz Truss – the unrepentant architect of economic chaos – who was slow handclapped onto the the dais after arriving just before the result was announced and keeping her seven fellow South West Norfolk candidates and the official waiting before leaving immediately after becoming the first former prime minister ever to be dumped from their constituency seat (previously held with a comfortable 20,000+ majority).

Future election nights will from now on be preoccupied with the search for a Truss moment.

Meanwhile, locally, Jackie Doyle-Price lost Thurrock, Vicky Ford lost her Chelmsford seat to the Lib Dems, South Basildon and East Thurrock’s Stephen Metcalfe was outed by Reform and the now former Tory chairman Richard Holden turned Jon Baron’s previous 20,000 Basilon and Billericay majority into just 20 while the two Southend constituencies both turned red.

And the fun didn’t stop there. On Tuesday I witnessed something I had never seen before as the newly elected members of parliament crammed into the House of Commons, sitting on the steps between the full benches and standing in crowds at each end of the chamber.

But it wasn’t the new PM’s speech that caught my attention, it was the official return to the Labour benches of the prodigal mother Diane Abbott.

I met Diane many times when I was editor of the Hackey Gazette in the 2000s and one word I would never have used to describe her was “emotional”. But as she spoke in her capacity as the new Mother of the House, this previously intimidating figure was visibly overcome.

So much from seven days – and as I write this there’s still the Euros semi final yet!


I’ve let this go for a few weeks now, but what on earth is that rapper guy saying on the Lucozade advert?

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Q: In which country was the actor Cillian Murphy born?

A: Sweden?

Q: The Raleigh Chopper is what type of two-wheeled vehicle?

A: Helicopter

Special mention for the schoolteacher who thought the answer to the question: At the Malta Confrence of 1989 which US president declared an end to the cold war was a toss up between Abraham Lincoln and JFK. (Those poor kids).

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Q: Which forrmer Whan singer had two No1 hits in 1996?

A: Andrew Ridgley

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