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What is our navy supposed to do when a bunch of pirate rabble in the Middle East start firing Iranian-sourced cruise missiles and drones at them – do we keep spending money swatting them away in the knowledge that one just might get through and kill British servicemen?

Or, after warning them of the conequences and being ignored, do we use our resources to render them incapable of carrying out their thuggish campaign?

It’s a no brainer surely. What’s to debate?

Houthi rebels based in Yemen initially claimed to be targting only Israli-linked shipping in the Red Sea in support of the plight of Palestinians in Gaza, but that is clearly not the case. They are using the appalling situation there as an excuse, attacking vessels indiscriminately and disrupting one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world while posing a threat to life and trade.

It’s extremely rare for me to agree with anything our government does lately, but this particular situation required swift and decisive action so, after consulting with the cabinet and briefing the leader of the opposition, who again in an uncharacteristicly swift reeaction (although he has back pedalled a bit since – there are votes to consider afterall) agreed with military action, British servicemen joined US, Dutch and Australian forces in a targeted attack on Houthi positions in Yemen.

I have absolutely zero problem with them doing it in my name as a British citizen and see no reason why there should have been a debate in Parliament beforehand. The job of Government is to act in the country’s best interests and for once in their political lives Big Dave and Little Rishi have done just that without the usual phaffing about.

And if these fundamentalist lowlifes do it again, well, we have the tech to know exactly where their silos are so we’ll just hit back again. The Houthis can talk the talk all they like but their backers Iran have no taste for a full out conflict with the west, at least not just yet, because, unlike the Houthis (and Hamas apparently), they can at least think ahead.

Letting a bunch of rebel nutters take potshots at container ships is nothing to Iran. They are just pawns in a bigger plan allowed to cause a nuisance for now until they’re wiped. Houthis are of no real consequence to the Iranian regime.

I would be far happier if they just stopped, but that’s not going to happen so we have to do what we have to do.

Of course it could increase the risk of terror attacks from radicals at home, but our guys in the gulf are not paid just to be target practice for armed delinquents who are little more than a pack of junkyard dogs let off the lead by their masters.


A rebellion amongst Tories over the Rwanda bill not being cruel enough really sums up the sorry state of the party and how, probably soon after the general election, there will be a substantial shift to the right with moderate conservatives relegated to bit players and the likes of Cruella Braverman and Kemi Badenoch as figureheads of a look we’re not racist, we just hate the weak and vulnerable party.

Is this ridiculous bill really worth it? Well, if you think it’s purely about immigation and stopping the boats surely not. But this has never been about that. To the little feller it goes directly to hi credibility as leader and for the rebels it’s a powerplay that they think might just save their jobs in a few months.

Idiots corner

The Chase:

Q: The word shockvertising is a combination of shock and what?

A: Tizer?

Q: The group Emerson, Lake and Palmer had how many members?

A: Two

The Weakest Link:

Q: The US tennis player who in the 1990s won all four grand slams and Olympic gold is Andre who?

A: The Giant

The best idiotic quote comes from a woman interviewed in snowbound Iowa about why she would be voting for Donald Trump in the caucus: “Because he’s been chosen by God.”


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