There are enough real threats out there without creating a new imaginary one

Six minutes. That’s how long it took one misfit loser to seal his place in infamy.

Six deaths including himself, his mother and a three-year old child.

If this was the US, 22-year old Jake Davison’s deadly rampage would just be another statistic.

But a mass shooting here is so rare it gets you forever placed in the same company as Michael Ryan and Thomas Hamilton.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the national media has come up with a buzzword to hang this particular atrocity on – Incel – as if it’s some new terror campaign.

Incel is an abbreviation of ‘involuntary celibate’, which is a very unfortunate label for anyone to be tagged with, but to group together blokes who may be impotent for medical reasons or just plain unlucky when it comes to getting their rocks off with resentful chatroom saddos who want to blame others for their own shortcomings and then suggest that they may pose some new threat to public safety is not only lazy journalism, it’s downright irresponsible, because some readers really are gullible enough to believe it and act on it.

Then there will be the “Ooh, he doesn’t look like he stands a cat in hell’s chance of ever getting laid. Grab your pitchforks and torches” brigade.

The question we should be concentrating on is not the formation of some fictitious group of nonentity mommy’s boys intent on finding a new use for their right hands by pulling triggers and going out in a blaze of inglorious carnage, it’s how did this nutcase get a gun licence in the first place and how on earth did he get is reinstated after it was suspended in December?

There are a number of reasons why we’re not like the US, but one of the main ones is that we’re altogether more choosy over who is allowed to legally own a gun.

From the events in Plymouth last week, the authorities were obviously nowhere near choosy enough.


While the media is creating a new imaginary terror group at home, the real deal is re-establishing itself in Asia.

It’s all very well saying that another country’s politics are nothing to do with us, but when it was painfully obvious from the moment the UK and US decided to withdraw from Afghanistan that the Taliban would quickly regain ground and instil a new regime of fear and violence, it’s difficult to ignore that we have washed our hands of a humanitarian responsibility.

Teenage girls face having their ambitions torn away and although a Taliban spokesman has said there will be no revenge on Afghanis, I don’t think anyone really believes it.

If we were just going to abandon the country to its fate, why did we ever go in there in the first place?

What was the point in servicemen losing their lives or being maimed if it was all going to be for nothing in the end?

Surely there’s a duty to protect our fellow man from oppression and terror. It doesn’t have to be politically motivated, it’s just common decency.

Yes, I know I’m being naïve, but the thought of people hanging from lampposts and girls being forced into servitude tends to have that effect.


A masked figure in a black hoodie, going under the name The Great Londini is growing a huge following on Tik Tok as the figurehead of a vigilante group fof volunteers with military, cyber security and hacking experience claiming to be “taking social media back from the bullies, paedophiles, scammers and trolls.”

I think I’m the wrong age group for Tik Tok really, but if this group can do what it claims and track down trolls within six or seven clicks, surely that’s something the company should be doing already?

And if it really is that easy, why do female celebrities continue to be subjected to a barrage of sexual threats on social media?


I have made my thoughts on Wolves’ decision to part with manager Nuno Espirito Santo at the end of last season crystal clear so I wish him nothing but the best as he undertakes the new campaign in charge of Spurs.

I expect he’s going to have a considerable amount of money to spend very soon and I have no doubt that Sonny will step up.


Stupid TV answer of the week:

The Chase:

Q: The name of which bird means to lower the head quickly?

A: Ostrich?

Edward Case