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Bill & Ted Face The Music (PG)

Straddling the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s, the Bill & Ted films – …Excellent Adventure (1989) and …Bogus Journey (1991) were very much of their time – that time being when the comedy of the absurd became confused with the downright ridiculous.

So it’s difficult to see where the demand comes from. The aciiiid groove-is-in-the-heart twentysomethings who were high enough to find the first two films even vaguely amusing are, like the still completely vague titular characters, now in their fifties with grown up children of their own.

What’s even harder to understand is how a film with a premise that probably didn’t even stretch to two pages obtained the finance to go into production.

But then, when you have John Wick and Neo on board and they’re the same person (or dude, to keep to the script) you can get the green light for pretty much any old tosh.

And be in no doubt, this is utter utter tosh.

Thirty years on, Bill and Ted have still not come up with the song that saves the world and with the Wyld Stallyns even less popular than REM after Bill Berry left there’s little chance of it happening.

When it transpires that they have the remaining running time of the film (70-odd minutes) to come up with the goods they come up with the idea of finding their future selves after they have written the song so they can then take it back to the present and save reality from folding in on itself.

Now if you think about it, just for a bit, you’ll see all sorts of holes in that theory, but I get the impression the people who enjoy this don’t do much thinking at all.

Keanu Reeves shaved his beard off for this and Alex Winter could have used the time sorting out his Frank Zappa documentary.

I suspect Keanu did this as a favour for his pals because he’s an all round good guy.

But he could have given them a million dollars each without noticing it and I wouldn’t have had to sit through this tripe.

RATING: 2/10


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