They think it’s all over… it’s not yet!

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In January 2017, as Donald Trump finished his inauguration speech in front of either the largest crowd for an inauguration in history or a few thousand rednecks and the cleaners, depending on which alternate truth you believe, former Republican President George W Bush turned to Presidents Obama, Clinton, Carter and his dad George Sr and in four words summed up the next four years: “That’s some crazy s**t!”

As if Trump’s tenure in the White House hadn’t been enough of a s**tshow, last week, s**t got really crazy as still refusing to accept the result of November’s election, he called upon his supporters to descend upon the Capital Building, which like good sheep, they did, and what happened subsequently has not been seen in the United States for over 200 years – insurrection.

It was an attempted civilian coup incited by a President with no concern for anyone but himself in an insane effort to hold onto power.

But as usual, he didn’t think it through. These were inbred thugs, not freedom fighters. Once inside the building they were more concerned with taking selfies, confederate symbolism and collecting souvenirs than actually halting democracy.

For some inexplicable reason, Trump supporters believe everything he says, no matter how outrageous and incredible. If Donald says the election was fixed it must be true. If Donald says the media is reporting fake news, well that must be the case.

Of course, questions have been asked about how a mob managed to gain entry so easily to the seat of American democracy. I would have thought the answer to that was obvious.

Someone let them in!

It’s not only rednecks married to their sisters who support this nutter. There are many servicemen and serving police officers out there who buy into Trump’s version of Republicanism – a version of the party that has become utterly distasteful to many Republicans. So much so that it’s now almost a third party – and a popular one at that.

In a symbolic distancing from the events of last week, White House staff resigned from positions they were due to leave in two weeks anyway and at the weekend, Twitter finally put its foot down, suspending Trump’s account permanently.

Nice to finally know where they draw the line and it seems an attempt to dismantle democracy is it.

If wouldn’t surprise me if Facebook and Instagram followed suit, making their temporary suspensions permanent, but this is very much a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Never has so many people been lied to and fooled so blatantly using social media. Whether the blame lies with the likes of Twitter or the gullible fools who fell for it is up for argument.

In the meantime, with calls growing for the 25th Amendment of the American Constitution to be invoked to remove the president from power by declaring him unfit, Vice President Mike Pence has days to rewrite how he will be judged by history – as a spineless gimp or as the man who put an end to the madness before any more damage was done.

Because until January 20th, Trump is commander in chief of the armed forces and if he orders the military to intervene things could really get messy. Do they follow orders or mutiny?

Trump has said he will not attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, another first for a president who has spent his entire period in office being anything but presidential.

By rights he should be otherwise engaged on that day anyway. After the small matter of incitement to riot, Donald Trump’s main concern should be making sure he doesn’t drop the soap in the prison shower.


Stupid TV Quiz answer of the week:

Beat The Chasers

Q: What is grown in a paddy field?

A: Potatoes

Tipping Point:

Q: Richard Starkey is the birth name of which of The Beatles

A: Paul McCartney

Q: What is the capital if Indonesia?

A: India?


And finally… oxymoron of the week: – “The one and only Dave Berry.”


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