This action-packed romp is a dead cert

6 Underground (15) 130 minutes

Unless it’s a Marvel blockbuster or something starring The Rock, the safest way for a film to gain an audience is fast becoming one of the streaming services such as Netflix where this new Ryan Reynolds vehicle has just surfaced.

Like Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, this action-packed Michael Bay adventure screams big screen values (and budget). The opening 20 minutes alone features a car chase (with Dave Franco behind the wheel) I would take over the Fast & Furious set pieces any day of the week.

And with Reynolds on board the laughs are likely to come as fast as the thrills and spills, although many of the best lines come from his fellow cast members.

A billionaire tech inventor gets first hand experience of the evils of the world when a village he is supplying aid to as a publicity jaunt comes under a gas attack ordered by a ruthless dictator.

The massacre prompts him to put together a team whose aim is to put right some of those wrongs – a group known to each other only by a number and who share one thing in common, they are all officially dead.

6 Underground is a rip roaring rollercoaster ride of action and blood-spatter which will have you shouting out loud at the idiosyncratic Bay carnage. It’s a cracking film that entertains from beginning to end.

There’s just one lazy edit towards the end that I still can’t figure out and damages the credibility of the story, but given the comic book destruction and mayhem that goes on for more than two hours, credibility should probably be my furthest thing from my mind.

Also, look out for a comical Aviation Gin (owned by Reynolds) product placement.

RATING: 9/10


Mick Ferris

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