Thorpe Bay residents hit back over speed humps plan

Residents heckled councillors on Monday in a fiery debate about plans to install speed humps and 20mph speed limits in Thorpe Bay.

More than 1,000 residents living around the Burges Estate have signed a petition insisting plans for speed humps, or speed “cushions and pillows” in the area must be scrapped.

The measures form part of a pilot scheme, which also includes 20mph speed limits in parts of Thorpe Bay and Leigh.

A place scrutiny committee meeting held on February 7 saw the council heckled by residents who questioned the £500,000 pilot scheme.

Residents were furious they were denied a verbal response to individual queries and were instead supplied with a generic written reply.

Speaking at the meeting, resident Sally Carr, said: “Could the chairman give assurance that a proper consultation will be undertaken before any of this government money is spent on the Burges Estate in the roads where some of the 241 pillows,cushions and humps are planned?

“The report says a consultation was carried out but seemingly that was with some residents who belong to the Burges Estate Residents Association, a private association that you have to pay to belong to.”

Another resident added: “Why has this pilot focused on blanket intrusive and disruptive civil engineering works when huge improvements could be made with less cost and less major works such as refurbishing existing worn out and unmaintained road markings, clearer signage and better street lighting?”

There is little objection to the 20mph limits or the measures in Leigh which are mainly around schools.

Councillor Ron Woodley, deputy leader of the council, has spearheaded the scheme. He said: “The consultation will take place within these trials and I can assure everybody if I thought this trial that is going to take place would be detrimental to Thorpe ward it would not take place.”

In response, opposition leader Cllr Tony Cox said: “This is what you get when you don’t consult residents. What we’ve done here tonight is represented the people that you’ve let down.”

Councillors voted for the Leigh scheme to go ahead while a full consultation is carried out on the Thorpe Bay measures.

Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter