Thurrock in crackdown on flytipping

Thurrock’s bid to tackle flytippers has seen 136 offences lodged since it launched.

Those caught on CCTV have faced steep fines and a number have seen their vehicles seized during the operation which began last month.

Rob Gledhill, leader of Thurrock Council, told a cabinet meeting on Wednesday the push to tackle the crime has been a resounding success.

He said: “A couple of weeks ago we started to remove people’s cars where they were involved in fly-tipping across the borough. I attended on one of the mornings with our enforcement team as they were removing vehicles.

“I was actually shocked at one of the places the person drove further away to dump the rubbish than he would have done if he’d gone to our tip. That individual was very remorseful as to his actions. He paid up and made very clear that he wouldn’t do it again but as indeed for everyone else who has got caught and received quite heavy fines and the costs to remove the vehicle and to get the vehicle back, it has made it a very expensive matter for them.”

Mr Gledhill who is also responsible for public protection and antisocial behaviour, added: “We’ve got to remember that fly-tipping isn’t a victimless crime. We all pay as tax payers to get it cleared up if it’s on public land and if it’s on private land the landowner has to pay and this can be quite significant especially for farmers who are repeat victims of this environmental crime.

“We will continue to work to try and catch these people. In that one operation 136 offences were disclosed for various people for fly-tipping and other offences that was caught on our camera in operation.

“Shortly after this we also seized six motorbikes, two quad bikes and two cars that were being stored illegally in our housing garages and they’ve now been disposed of and those who were using them unlawfully have been fined.”

Mr Gledhill urged the public to continue supporting police and the council with information.

He said: “It’s a successful, operation all based on reports from our residents so I really cannot stress enough if it’s a problem with motorcycles, if it’s problems with people using garages illegally, fly-tipping or anything like that, residents really do need to contact either Essex Police on 101 or they can do through the digital 101 or indeed the live chat system that they have.

“Although it may not say that the going to take action there and then it builds up,a pattern of evidence and then that makes it much easier for the police to prosecute at a later stage especially for the nuisance motorcycles that we are suffering from right across the borough. I really do urge every resident to report it to the police if it’s a police matter or to us if it’s a fly-tipping matter.”


Christine Sexton

Local Democracy Reporter