Thurrock MP welcomes council’s new powers to tackle traffic contraventions 

Mick Ferris

The Minister for Roads and Local Transport Richard Holden MP has signed a Designation Order enabling Thurrock Council to exert enforcement powers for traffic offences.

From July 22, Thurrock will be able to issue and collect motoring fines for offences such as occupying yellow box junctions; driving in cycle lanes and failing to observe no entry weight limit restrictions. Until now these powers were restricted to the police in Thurrock.

Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price said, ‘I am delighted that Thurrock Council has finally been awarded these powers which I have been demanding for years. This means that we finally have the same enforcement powers as those enjoyed by London boroughs.

“There are times when the traffic conditions across Thurrock cause misery for motorists. These occasions are worsened by bad behaviour by some which only serve to worsen gridlock conditions when the rules of the road are not observed.

“I know everyone will have experienced gridlock at junction 31 (of the M25) Now we can enforce the yellow box junctions and punish those who selfishly make life difficult for other motorists.

“We all know how often incidents at the Dartford crossing cause gridlock in the west of the borough. It is crucial for businesses and residents that we do all we can to keep the traffic moving.

“I expect the council now to take full advantage of these powers.

“I want to see the cameras installed at Junction 31 as soon as possible!”


Mick Ferris

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