Time running out for sad Shrimpers

Southend United 0-2 Carlisle United – Reaction

With time rapidly running out for Southend United, a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Carlisle United did nothing to lift an already dampened spirit at Roots Hall Stadium.

A goal in each half from Offrande Zanzala and Gime Toure ensured Carlisle United the points. In between, Simeon Akinola weak spot-kick was rebuffed by the Cumbrians stopper, Paul Farman. Once again, it had all been too easy – Southend’s position now beyond desperate.

“It’s certainly a knockback,” boss Mark Molesley bemoaned at his post-match press conference.

“We’re not out of anything, but we’re going to have to show a lot more at the same time for the next game. Fortunately, there’s another game on Tuesday and we need a big reaction and quick.

“We drifted in the game and I don’t think we started well enough. They’ve got their goal, a great turn and a great finish, and it shows the difference that they’ve got players of quality that can produce a moment like that.”

Moseley continued: “We go 1-0 down and then it’s difficult. We then get a great chance to get back into the game and we don’t take it, and where we are the moment, we need moments like that to give us confidence. When you see a penalty missed it compounds the feeling as well.

“We can’t use that as an excuse, we’ve got to rise again, keep getting ourselves up, keep fighting and look for moments in the game to galvanise us. If it wasn’t the penalty, then the next moment needs to be good and unfortunately, there was a lack of quality out there today.”


Brian Jeeves

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