Top job? Not just now thanks

It’s undeniable that at the moment Boris Johnson owes his job to Vladimir Putin. With his most likely successor sitting in the sin bin right next to him, no one apart from Billy and Willy no mates Starmer and Blackford are making any real noise for his resignation and no one in the Tory party seems that eager to take on the role of prime minister while we’re teetering on the edge of a Third World War.

Add to that the chance that France might be about to turn Nazi and the role of British PM has become something of a poisoned chalice and no one has the balls for it. Let the dodgy geezer who think the rules he made don’t apply to him deal with the existential crap for now because blaming him for whatever is to come is going to be far easier than solving the problems.

Once things calm down, if indeed there’s a world left, then the daggers will come out. If he can get ambushed by a birthday cake, well, a spot of et tu Brute should be a piece of..

But with no clear successor in sight after Rishi Rich’s fall from grace, they are in a bit of a predicment.

Meanwhile, Labour, looking at their best chance since the last disastrous general election face a similar problem in that they lack the leadership capable of truly connecting with those voters who abandoned the party in their droves in December 2019.

Like good comedy it’s all about timing. At any other time, Boris and Rishi would have been out on their ears this week, their political careers over. If Labour had any sense of timing they would already have a plan in place for Andy Burnham and Jess Philips to take over as leader and deputy leader so that by next year if it turns out to be another one horse race it will be a completely different horse.

But that’s not going to happen because while the Tory government have so sense of decency – the plan to ship people risking their lives crossing the Channel in a kids’ paddling pool off to Rwanda of all places being a case in point – the only thing Labour is adept at is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

So a combination of timing, ineptitude and a complete lack of empathy with the mood of the nation will ensure that, for now at least, it’s monkey business as usual.


Banned from Russia? Boris must be heartbroken.


Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby

The final episodes of long running series have a tendency to be something of a disappointment in that they rarely live up to the heights of what has gone before.

Not so with Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight’s tale of a Birmingham gang in the 20 years between the wars.

Whether you were banking on the rise and fall or the redemption of Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby I’ll wager no one would have bargained on a conclusion which stands as one of the finest pieces of television drama ever made and certainly the highest point in TV since the Battle of the Bastards episode of Game Of Thrones.

Paul Anderson has to be a shoe in for a BAFTA next year for his staggering portrayal of older Shelby brother Arthur, the man with the craziest haircut in history, a dizzying mixture of psychopathic violence, at times pathetic vulnerability and unwavering loyalty.

Meanwhile, the end of the saga (or is it?) would not have been complete without a characteristic cameo from Tom Hardy as Alfie Solomons.

Fine acting, exemplary writing and some of the best directing in TV history. Peaky Blinderss, and especially the final instalment is the new benchmark for television brama.

Stupid TV Quiz answers of the week

The Chase:

Q: The shores of the White Sea are contained in which Eurasian nation?

A: Spain

Tipping Point:

Q: Housesteads was a fortified construction on witch Roman construction in the north west?

Answer 1: Newcastle?

Answer 2: Fort Knox?

Q: Who wrote the film scores for The Lion King, Inception and The Mission?

A: Rihanna


Edward Case