Unwanted dead or alive

Army Of The Dead (18, 148 minutes)

After pulling off the biggest rescue mission in modern cinema history (and in the process completely changing popular opinion of Ben Afleck’s legacy as Batman from a folly of Clooney proportions to Iconic with a capital Ay-Ay-Ay) with his epic repossession of the Justice League movie, the question facing Zack Snyder would inevitably be, how on earth do you follow that?

Well, with an 18 certificate two and a half hour zombie splatter fest, that’s how.

A zombie outbreak has been contained to Las Vegas, with the city surrounded by a wall of shipping containers stacked three high, although despite Snyder’s usual penchant for exposition, we are given absolutely no idea beyond the first one escaping from an army convoy, why the flesh eating infected exist in the first place.

With the government set to nuke Vegas to eradicate the threat once and for all, a group of mercenaries led by Guardians Of The Galaxy’s muscle-bound Dave Bautista and cast ticking every politically correct box possible, are hired by a hotel owner to recover $200 million from the vault beneath his casino before it goes up in a mushroom cloud.

At least, that’s what they think.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious that most of the gang are just there as zombie fodder.

But these are not your usual run of the mill hungry dead folk. They’re tribal and they have a leader who even though he doesn’t have the brain cells to put much of a plan together beyond saving some victims for afters, he does have the sense to ride a dead horse, carry a spear and even thirst for revenge.

Then there’s the huge matter of how the proximity to a thermal nuclear explosion and subsequent radiation issues for anyone not already reduced to dust is completely ignored.

If there’s a message to Army Of The Dead, I suppose it’s that there’s more to life than money – which is usually something people that have it say.

It’s too long, it’s lazy writing and coming from the man who only a few weeks ago saved the reputation of an entire movie genre, fans were entitled to expect a bit more than this brainless bloodletting.



Mick Ferris

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