Variety of trees planted in Basildon park

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112 trees have been planted within Gloucester Park, Basildon, in a bid to improve biodiversity.

Three different species of trees have been planted including over 50 varieties of fruit trees. These are being planted in three separate areas of the park.

On the hill overlooking the main lake, 15 Oak Saplin trees have been planted in a partnership with the Gloucester Park Community Group. Planting was completed by the group with support from the Parks and Countryside team.

The other two areas are an avenue of cherry trees alongside the new lake, and within the existing community orchard nearing the larger lake.

Chairman of the Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee, Councillor David Harrison, said: “We want even more people to be taking advantage of the beauty of our parks. Increasing the biodiversity in them makes them more attractive, and it also makes them healthier places to go.

“We’ve removed and replaced any of the dead trees planted last summer, to make sure that our efforts in creating these planting areas doesn’t go to waste.

“Last week we planted an avenue of trees with the Wickford Wombles and this week we’ve done the same with the Gloucester Park Community Group. We really value the work that these groups do in the community and we’re proud of the relationship that we’ve developed with these groups. It ties into our key objective to provide everyone with the opportunity to be involved in shaping Basildon’s future and gives residents increased pride in the borough and community.

“The four varieties of trees planted in the orchard are all fruits; apples, pears, plums and quince, which will be ripe for residents to pick and eat when going for a walk once they’ve fruited by next summer. I can’t wait to go and pick one of the Granny Smith’s or Golden Delicious’ to try.”


Mick Ferris

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