Verge parking set to be banned in Rettendon under Essex Act powers

A little used parliamentary act has been deployed to stop inconsiderate parking on grass verges in Rettendon.

Vehicles will no longer be able to park on the side of Main Road once the traffic orders are in place – thought to be next month.

The Essex Act 1987  gives additional local powers to Essex County Council over land and open space (especially parking); highways and streets; public health and amenities; public order and safety.

The most notable clause in the law is section 6, allowing the prohibition of parking on grass verges so long as they are mown or “otherwise maintained in an ornamental condition”.

Rettendon parish councillor Denise Fleming, who has been behind the implementation of the order, said verge parking had been a problem for a while.

She said: “The only reason they agreed to it  – and there was quite a bit of toing and froing – was that luckily for us a resident mows along there.

“And because it is a mowed verge they can put the order in.

“It has to be maintained.”

The act applies to any land being in, adjoining or accessible from a highway, that is maintained.

A spokesman for the South Essex Parking Partnership, said: “There is a section of verge in Rettendon which is maintained, but which is being used for parking by a number of vehicles – this creates some problems, as it is alongside a fast road. In response to enquiries from local residents, we have been looking into several options to deal with the problem.

“The Essex Act covers any verge in Essex that is regularly maintained, and we can already issue penalty charge notices under that act.

“We are working with Essex County Council to finalise the use of this act, which means putting up signs asking people not to park in this spot and warning them that if they do, they may get a ticket.”


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter