VIDEO: Scott Wallace – 1:1 – Soccer Coaching – Part One

As lockdown continues to ease, football at grassroots level is beginning to wake from its enforced hibernation and preparing for a return.

Adult and Junior Clubs are beginning to stage training sessions under the current guidelines. Trinity FC coach, Scott Wallace, has shared with Yellow Sport a series of his methods, helping young footballers return in a safe and enjoyable environment.

“With the new guidance put in place at the start of June, I felt it was important to get straight back to it,” Scott explained.

“The players spent the best part of three months in lockdown and it was time to get the boots back on and have some fun.

“Fun is difficult when you’re working with social distancing measures. In an ideal world, my first session back would have been a game and let the kids burn off some steam.

“But we couldn’t do that so it then becomes a challenge for me. How can I adapt? I did my research. I film a lot of my sessions for reference points and I was watching the footage back and realising I couldn’t do any of it as we’d be too close together.

Back to the drawing board with loads of bullet points on a notepad and eventually I’ve pieced some sessions together. A lot of 1v1 work with long passing and shooting. Passing rotations with lots of midfield movement.

Scott added: “I think it’s an important message to get across to fellow grassroots coaches right now than we can do it. Just take a little time to assess your situation. But the most important thing is getting smiles back on kids’ faces. It’s not going to be the perfect session but if your players leave and they are grinning ear to ear then it was a worthwhile exercise.”

VIDEO: Scott Wallace – 1:1 – Soccer Coaching – Part One


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