Volunteers and council work together to create new path in Warley Country Park

Woodland Volunteers joined Brentwood Borough Council to create a temporary new footpath in Warley Country Park after the original route became impassable.

Water is forcing clay out of made up ground by the school field

With the help of the council arboriculturalist, a large mulch machine was brought in to widen the boundary walk at the park, clear an embankment and prepare for planting new small woodland in conjunction with Holly Trees Primary school.

Cllr Will Russell said; ““I am delighted that council officers have pooled their resources to deliver improvements to the park at little to no cost to the tax payer. I am a huge fan of the Woodland Volunteers, they really are an asset to our community. A new circular path has been created in a section of woodland alongside the stream and a new fence erected at the Vaughan Williams Way side which is a vast improvement.”

New fencing and mulching was paid for from an agricultural grant from DEFRA specifically for this work. Future plans include woodland thinning, tree disease control, new woodland planting and changes to grassland management.

Community & Health Committee chair, Cllr Cliff Poppy added; “Water logging and the clay had made the area bit of a mess and was restricting access but by bringing together council resources and our local Woodland Volunteers it just goes to show what can be done.

“I thank all those involved and particularly Cllr Russell for getting this sorted out and hope that everyone can now enjoy the park as we move into Spring.”


Mick Ferris

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