Waltham cracks down on Covid-iots

Waltham Forest Council enforcement officers found more than 1,300 people breaking lockdown over the bank holiday weekend.

A total of 270 groups were asked to disperse, including 195 groups on Monday May 25 alone.

By comparison, 40 groups were dispersed on Saturday and 35 on Sunday. The most people dealt with was 644 on Sunday.

Over the last bank holiday, in early May, enforcement officers also dispersed around 1,300 people across the borough, a small fraction of the more than 285,000 population.

Recently, the council paid tribute to a council enforcement officer in his 50s, Selvin Rodney, who was the first council employee to die of the virus last month.

A council spokesperson explained that “a range of audit and compliance checks are undertaken across each weekend to enforce social distancing measures”, including patrols in parks.

Last week, the limits of police and council enforcement resources was given as the reason parks could not remain open later than 7pm.

Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter