Waltham Forest College virtual open day events welcome hundreds of visitors

Waltham Forest College has successfully delivered a series of virtual open day events dedicated to school leavers and adults who wish to explore further education opportunities.

With the coronavirus pandemic colleges and sixth forms are having to try and recreate these vital experiences through virtual platforms aiming to replicate, where possible, the experience a student would encounter at a regular campus event.

The college put on a series of remote platforms so that prospective students can discover the social, career and learning experience.

A series of live streamed media was released across social media platforms whilst existing students promoted their experience through course related videos.

Marketing manager, Antoinette Beekye, said “Our staff have shown great flexibility in adapting to the current realities of the coronavirus pandemic and continue our ‘business as usual’ approach.

“Many students join us because of the learner experience, and we are thrilled that our teams have been able to recreate virtual experiences that will allow prospective students to gain an insight of what it’s like to study at London’s number one College for learner experience”.

Colleges across England educate and train 2.2 million people each year and this has never been more important as the nation emerges from the COVID19 pandemic and education and skills will be vital to reviving the local community and London economy.

Director of Learner Services and Marketing, Amir Ahmed said: “We are uniquely placed at the heart of our community and we plan to instil hope to a generation of young people currently worried about their career prospects now and in the future.

“Colleges and Sixth Forms will need to invest in our young people as it will be they who rebuild the country only if we support and inspire them now.”

Waltham Forest College has been working closely with local schools and partners to ensure that COVID19 does not set young people back and they are recognised to become the generation that builds the UK’s future.

Mick Ferris

Editor Email: mickferris@yellowad.co.uk