Waltham roadworks to stop from Friday

Waltham Forest aims to shut down all roadworks tomorrow due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents had previously criticised the council for continuing to allow construction workers to work on road improvement schemes, including the “Mini-Holland”.

Work will continue in order to secure the sites and make them safe for residents before stopping until further notice.

Workers will still be allowed to do “essential reactive maintenance” such as telecoms, electric, gas or water works, according to a council statement.

The council’s website reads: “To ensure safety of all staff and residents during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Waltham Forest Enjoy walking and cycling road improvement schemes will stop all work until further notice.

“For the foreseeable future, the only work that will take place will be essential reactive maintenance and any essential third party work, such as telecoms, electric, gas or water works.”

On Monday, Samantha Mason tweeted the council: “Please explain why these workers are completing #miniholland work on Markhouse Road?

“Surely this isn’t essential to put them at risk! Please urgently liaise with your contractors to ensure these workers are told to stop and paid to stay at home!”

Told the council would now be suspending roadworks, she added today: “Certainly would hope that these workers are protected on full pay and a job to return to!”


Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter