Ward ‘incredibly disappointed’ with off-colour Saxons

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Shelford 31-15 Southend Saxons

SOUTHEND SAXONS Director of Rugby, Josh Ward, didn’t hold back after his side suffered a damaging London One North defeat at Shelford.

The Saxons have struggled when playing on artificial surfaces, and this proved to be no different.

“I’m incredibly disappointed. It’s hit me for six today if I’m completely honest,” Ward told Yellow Sport.

Structurally we were a lot better today going forwards, Connor, Dan Forster-Knight and Matthew Wagstaff worked incredibly hard with and without the ball but our collision skills were passive and soft in ‘D’ you are never going to win games with this approach.

“We lacked intensity, an aspect that is non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned. We lost a few decisions at some key moments which is never easy to take with a three-man team officiating. Twice I was apologised to by an official but the bottom line is we didn’t control the controllable well enough and Shelford did.

Ward continued: “Losing games naturally sucks confidence but the people that make this group up are the only people to turn things around. 

We will take great heart from our Priors display today, who are on course for a playoff spot following the bonus point win on the road.

“Our boys hurt as do the staff. People will have their opinions and disappointments with recent performances and rightly so, we will continue to magnify areas and address them throughout the week and compete for the remaining thirty points this season, starting next week at Ruislip.”

Southend Saxons: Liam Bass. Nik Grier, Joe Armitage, Owen Gemmell, Jake O’Kill, Dan Forster-Knight, Connor Cooper, Matthew Wagstaff, Harry Branch, Ben Lloyd, Tom Day, Chris Vaughan, Tom Ashton, Mitch Bennett, Fraser Banks

Southend Saxons Reserves: James Shiels, Jack Buckley, Tom Richards


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