We can’t walk on eggshells forever

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With every passing week the threat of a third, and almost certainly final, world war seems to edge inexorably closer.

Finland and previously neutral Sweden’s announcement of their wish to join NATO in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may be set to give those countries a sense of security, but Putin is paranoid about the west encroaching on his doorstep and considering that while he remains in charge of Russia literally anything can happen, such a move is going to make the world a much less secure place.

But the decision has been dictated by Putin’s aggression in Ukraine and with the “special military operation” not exactly going according to plan due to what appears to have been a complete miscalculation by Russia of the Ukrainian spirit, we have to ask ourselves how long we’re prepared to let a power mad bully do whatever he likes, including the sanctioning of war crimes, just because he MIGHT press the button if the majority of the rest of the planet stands up to him.

The point is fast approaching where the west will need to do something more decisive than giving someone else the tools to do the job for them and hoping for the best.

As things stand, Latvia, Georgia, Belarus, Lithuania and quite possibly Moldova should be looking over their shoulders because the next move will be to consolidate Russia’s former Soviet territories on the edge of the NATO line.

Then all bets will be off because there won’t be any such thing as winners. We all lose.

Hopefully before that happens someone in the Kremlin will put a bullet in Putin’s temple or his doctor will administer something and tell us their leader suffered a fatal brain aneurysm or something, but at the moment engaging in an existential game of who blinks first looks like it’s going to be unavoidable.

And while it’s going to be essential that we remain firm and strong in the face of this threat, we should probably all be getting a bit scared about now.


Meanwhile, if there’s still a world left, it looks like next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be held in a Kyiv bunker.

Nine million people watched the show at the weekend – and the punchline to this, which would have been a harmless bit of japery on my part has been omitted after careful thought, not because I feel any responsibility for someone taking offence when it wasn’t meant – that’s their choice, it doesn’t automatically mean they would be in the right – but because I really can’t be arsed with the fuss any more than I can be bothered with the contest itself.

But one act I noticed during the build up appeared to have plastic animal heads and Stig helmets on.

I christened them Draft Punk.


Something from years ago has reared its ugly head again (snigger) because of the Rebekah Vardy/Colleen Rooney “Wagatha Christie” defamation case which has prompted me to wonder, how is it acceptable for a woman to mock the size of a male celebrity’s penis in the media?

Can you imagine what would happen if a man in the public eye said something derogatory about a famous one night stand or former partner’s vagina? He would be cancelled immediately. Jobs, sponsorships all gone in an instant.

Not the case the other way round apparently.


You would think after 150 years that footballers would remember that the lid on the FA Cup comes off.

Stupid TV quiz answer of the week

The Chase:

Q: What children’s playhouse is named after a J M Barrie character?

A: Winnie the Pooh?

Tipping Point:

Q: Which animal in the Winnie the Pooh stories could be described as porcine

A: Eeyor?

Q: Which Midlands side is managed by Steven Gerrard?

A: Everton

Special mention to the geography degree student on The Chase who thought Berne was in Germany.


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