Week of action against knife crime

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This week sees police officers from across the county continue the crackdown on knife crime as part of a national week of action #OpSceptre.

On Monday September 16, officers from Basildon’s Community Policing Team kicked off their activity by emptying one of the county’s many Only Cowards Carry knife amnesty bins.

More than 200 knives had been disposed of since the bin was last emptied in July, including a lock knife, a hunting knife and a butterfly knife, as well as a variety of kitchen knives.

Community Policing Team Inspector, Steve Parry said: “The more knives we can take off our streets, the better and the amnesty bin is an opportunity for anyone who carries a knife to dispose of it anonymously.

“Knife crime has a devastating impact upon the victim and the community and by working with organisations like Only Cowards Carry and with the Safer Basildon Partnership, we can reduce the use of knives as weapons, educate people around the seriousness of knife crime and help prevent harm coming to the people of Essex.”

Founder of Only Cowards Carry, Caroline Shearer added: “This scheme is to encourage people to dispose of their blades before they can be used in violent attacks.

“The amnesty bins are a proactive and preventative measure to make our streets safer and I would like to thank Essex Police and the Police, Fire and Crime Commission for Essex for supporting this initiative.”

Mandie Skeat, Basildon Council’s Service Director said: “When the knife amnesty bins are emptied, it’s scary to see their contents but good to know that those weapons are out of circulation and off our streets.

“Op Sceptre and Essex Police have our full support and commitment that our Safer Basildon partnership continues to work together for a safer borough”.


Mick Ferris

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