Weekly horoscope November 23-29


You may face some conflict with family or work, but with the right arguments you will resolve it and maybe even convince everyone that you are right. Don’t let lockdown throw you into an irresponsible spending spree. An issue that hurt you will work out for the best.


Focus on resolving problems within the family in order to find some peace of mind. Take care of financial obligations and beware of potential conflict with loved ones. You need to be more careful in your finances but don’t be afraid to set higher goals for yourself.


Try to relax and control your mood swings. Conflicts with your partner have caused problems and you must do your level best to resolve them. Have patience. Things may not be happening at the pace you would like but there are possibilities on the horizon if you can keep your head.


There’s an air of insecurity around you this week. Don’t neglect your health. You may see some sudden changes in people around you but don’t panic, be diplomatic and everything will be work out. Be careful with your finances and don’t jump into what may first seem like a good opportunity.


Your confidence has taken a bit of a battering. Focus on the good things in your life and allow yourself to remain calm so that you don’t make any rash decisions. Keep an eye on your spending during this difficult period or you may come to regret it.


Uncertainty at the beginning of the week but stay calm, You will finally take matters into your own hands and bring some peace and satisfaction into your life. Avoid taking risks or it could result in some unpleasant surprises. Single Virgos could be about to make a new exciting acquaintance.


You could be facing a frustrating week so don’t lose your cool. Let things take their natural course. Your finances could be about to improve. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s not all doom and gloom, even if you’re maybe getting a bit stir crazy with lockdown.


Try to stay positive as things may irritate you this week. Let loved ones lean on you if they feel the need. Beware of an unexpected bill or drain on your finances. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your successes.


Your mood will be up and down with unresolved issues. Keep your plans to yourself for a while. You are right to be on your guard. At least your love life looks positive but don’t force things. Your finances will be fine if you can avoid reckless spending.


Things will improve in your relationship after a rocky patch. Your mood has been unpredictable because of your own lack of self esteem and insecurity. Stay within your budget financially. Professionally things could be about to improve.


Opportunities will arise that could be beneficial so make the most of them. There could be conflict ahead with a loved one towards the weekend but now is the time to deal with problems, even if that means admitting to your own mistakes.


If you’re bored stuck in the same routine, the only person with the power to change that is you, but be patient, don’t show your hand too early and don’t rush things. Emotions could be running high this week. Watch out for unnecessary expenditure.