Westclilff man who bragged about being on Sex Offenders Register while committing offences jailed

A convicted sex offender, who bragged on an online chat room that he would not stop offending has been jailed for over four years.

Lewis Parker, 23 of Westcliff Avenue, Westcliff appeared at Basildon Crown Court on Monday July 1 where he was sentenced following proactive work from the Police Online Investigation Team (POLIT).

Officers attended Parker’s address May 9 following intelligence that he had been accessing indecent images of children online. He was arrested on suspicion of multiple offences. Devices, which Parker was prohibited from owning following a previous conviction, were seized for analysis.

This analysis showed that Parker had been engaging in conversations on ‘dark-web’ chat rooms and discussing trading child pornography.

In one conversation, Parker bragged how he was “on the reg” meaning sex offenders register and appeared to brag that his previous convictions had no effect on him.

He was charged with three counts of making indecent photographs of a child, one count of possession of a prohibited image of a child, two counts of distributing an indecent photograph of a child, one count of possession of an extreme pornographic image, four counts of breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and four counts of failure to comply with notification requirements on the Sexual Offenders Register.

On May 10, he pleaded guilty to all charges. He appeared at Basildon Crown Court on Monday July 1 where he was sentenced to four years and four months in prison. He will also remain on the Sex Offenders Register for life and was issued with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Investigating Officer in the case PC Liam Rising from the POLIT said: “The images and videos that Parker was accessing online were extremely disturbing and there is no doubt that he is a dangerous individual.”

Detective Superintendent Natalia Ross said “Our Police Online Investigation Team have achieved a 92% solved rate in the past year and we were recently marked as the highest performing force in the country for these investigations.

“Offenders such as Parker who are on the Sex Offenders Register do not just fall under the radar and we will continue to act on intelligence which may suggest they are not complying with requirements.

“I commend all my officers who often have to review explicit and disturbing material but do so in order to keep vulnerable children safe. We ensure that their welfare is taken care of and have mental health nurses embedded into the team to ensure that they are looked after.”