What do you think of the show so far?

Morecambe v Southend United – Sky Bet League Two – Globe Anena – Tuesday 6pm – Preview

Morecambe away – I’ve used the old ‘bring me sunshine,’ headline several times already, so on this occasion I thank John Eric Bartholomew (that was his real name) for a somewhat more appropriate headline.

Damage report…

Southend United 0-2 Carlisle United

Match: 39 Won: 8 Drawn: 11 Lost: 20 Points: 35 Position: 23rd Nils: 22

So, what do YOU think of the show so far? Personally, I believe the traditional cry of ‘rubbish’ is letting this lot off the hook. I said before Carlisle’s visit that it’s the hope that kills you. Unfortunately, even as a supporter of almost fifty years who has seen it all, hope is the one commodity I have run short of.

Carlisle won easily. Southend lacked quality, direction, bravery, looked cumbersome, without purpose and displayed all the worrying traits of a side heading for the drop without a fight. 

I’m very wary of the fact we in the media are in a privileged position being able to attend football matches during the lockdown. I also realise that many fans would still love to be at Roots Hall, even though the situation is beyond desperate. I’m no more special than any one of the 6,000 or so who would be in attendance under normal circumstances, after all, I am one of them. Sure, my opinion gets read (I hope). Some will agree with my two pennies’ worth and some won’t – I get that and fully accept it. But having a difference of opinion doesn’t mean much in the great scheme of things. As supporters, we all want the same thing. Unfortunately, those at the helm are further away from providing that than at any time in the clubs’ recent history.

I walked out of Roots Hall angry, gutted, agitated, frustrated and above all, sad. Had 5,999 been trudging out alongside me, I have no doubt they’d have felt the same. 

“It’s certainly a knockback,” boss Mark Molesley bemoaned in his post-match interview. It’s not the first and won’t be the last, Mark. Focusing purely on football, Southend supporters have been repeatedly punched in the gut over the past three years by insipid, dull fare. Adding gutless to that particular list is just another blow below the belt and an unacceptable one to boot. 

Molesley isn’t the first manager to fail at Roots Hall, but why should we have to get used to this and despite longing for fans to return, who in their right mind is going to shell out for a season ticket for more of the same?

“We’re not out of anything, but we’re going to have to show a lot more at the same time for the next game,” Molesley added.

“Fortunately, there’s another game on Tuesday and we need a big reaction and quick,” I couldn’t agree more. This group needs to grow a pair! But they were assembled by the manager and run out with his instructions ringing in their ears. Well, It’s either his tactics or their ability? Either way, the path leads back to the manager. 

And beyond that? Mark Molesley was Ron Martin’s appointment, just like Sol Campbell, Kevin Bond and Chris Powell. The latter is now working with Tottenham Hotspur and England, suggesting he is far more competent than his time at Roots Hall might suggest to some. So why did he, and the others mentioned, all struggle? Coincidence? What input did other board member have in these appointments? 

Oh, and going back to the post-Carlisle quotes; Yes Mark – on that evidence, Southend United ARE out of it and have been for some time!

Ron Martin defended Molesley in the recent zoom meeting. But surely, if he loves the football club as much as he suggests, the last three years can’t have gone unnoticed? There is so much wrong with the playing side and while relegation rivals Barrow, and most recently Colchester, have moved to rectify their respective situations, Southend fans have been fed more of the same and that is unacceptable. Indeed, that particular pair goes head-to-head on Monday afternoon. I’d imagine a positive outcome for one or the other will all but secure their EFL status for another campaign.

Once again, social media was in meltdown mode. Perfectly understandable – after all, fans are watching from afar as their football club crashes and burns. It’s like seeing a loved one slipping away. We all know what’s coming and can’t do anything about it.

But there are people at Southend United who could have done something about it – The truth is, they haven’t! 

Of course, the Blues still have 21 points to play for, but the evidence is damning. And as for the future, I’ve covered several National League matches at Dagenham & Redbridge this season – I’m yet to see a side Southend are comfortably better than!

It’s worth noting that Molesley has not managed in the National League’s top division either. Who’s to say he, or for that matter, anyone in the Roots Hall hot seat, won’t find the task too much again? 

Plenty of questions and dark tunnels – very few answers.

Blues head to Morecambe on Tuesday evening – a side that has impressed me in both of the games I’ve previously seen them this season.

Despite a 2-1 defeat at Cambridge United on Friday, the Shrimps remain amongst the play-off contenders. 

They bullied Blues into submission when the pair met earlier in the season. I also saw them run all over Colchester at the JobServe. An organised team, well-managed by Derek Adams – No egos – No stars – An efficient group who get on with their tasks. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it!

In eleven previous attempt, Southend has never beaten Morecambe in a league encounter with the Lancashire outfit winning on ten occasions. To be honest, I don’t see that grim statistic changing on Tuesday night. 

A fellow Blues supporter took to social media suggesting I ‘kept the faith‘ following Saturday’s latest setback. I’d like to be confident, I’d like to believe there will be a positive outcome, but from where I’m sitting, it is Southend United that is playing all the wrong notes, few of the right notes and most definitely not in the right order! 

Jeevesie’s prediction: Morecambe 2-0 Southend United


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