What Dom did on his holidays

Writer, broadcaster and comedian Dom Joly, best known as the creator of Trigger Happy TV, is back on the road with his one-man theatre tour, giving fans a rare opportunity to see him live.

And ironically, in a year that’s seen Britain sweltering in its highest ever temperatures, he’ll be promoting his latest book – Such Miserable Weather!

Dom Joly’s Holiday Snaps, recalling stories of his exploits as a serial globe-trotter and seeker of dangerous travel spots, arrives at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon, on September 29.

From North Korea to Chernobyl, Dom has visited some of the most unusual places on the planet – including, of course, the Australian bush in the 10th series of hit TV show I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here.

He famously attended school with Osama Bin Laden and, armed with a trusty Powerpoint, fans can expect his holiday snaps to serve up a tantalising mix of comedy and a sense of danger.

The best-selling author will meet fans after the show to sign copies of his books.

Dom said: “I’ve got this collection of weird holiday snaps. And I know there’s that cliché that ‘nobody wants to see anybody else’s holiday snaps’. Well, my holiday snaps are really good. And I’ve got some really good stories with them.

“The theme is travel. The three things I’ll be showing will be my own holiday snaps, holiday snaps from TV shows and holiday snaps from my books.

“So, for instance, when we did Trigger Happy TV, we went to Switzerland and found out our runner couldn’t ski and then I got arrested for impersonating a yeti.

“Then there was stuff from World Shut Your Mouth, which had me frightening the eskimo with cymbals. There’s another snap of me at Chernobyl, thinking: ‘Should I eat the vegetables here or not?’

“So when I put all of them together, I’ve got a seriously great holiday show.”

Book online at https://towngatetheatre.co.uk/dom-joly/ or call the box office on 01268 205300.


Mick Ferris

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