What on earth was he thinking?

Another week, another defection by a Tory who was standing down at the next election anyway.

But the move of Dover MP Natalie Elphicke to the Labour benches could well turn out to be something that Scared Llama quickly comes to regret.

The whole thing makes no sense at all for either of them and draws a huge question mark over the Labour leader’s judgement at a time when he should be looking like a prime minister in waiting.

There’s an huge element of hypocrisy about welcoming Elphicke to the party when she wasn’t even at the centre of the Conservatives. A former member of the European Research Group, she sits on the right of the right and while she obviously feels that her former boss Little Rishard has bungled the illegal boat crossings issue, there’s not an ounce of leftist, not even the slightest of tilts about her politics.

In fact, if anywhere, she’s tailor made for Tice’s lot Reform.

So why Labour? And why has she been welcomed into the fold against the wishes of many members sitting on that side of the house when she has previously attacked them and referred to Skier as “Mr Softie”?

In fact, she is so unpopular that one comment she once made after Marcus Rashford missed a penalty for England even prompted the normally calm shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves to exclaim: “F**k off!”

And that’s without going into the situation around her ex husband’s conviction on sex offences and the comments she made about his victims.

Everything about her is the antithesis of what Labour claims to stand for. Meanwhile, Diane Abbott remains exiled from the parliamentary party – a dichotomy that has left a bad taste in the mouth of their front and backbenchers.

What was she promised to cross the Rubicon for a matter of a few months, after which, unless she gets a seat in the Lords, I fully expect her to abandon them? And what did she have to offer beyond a quick PR coup?

The term broad church doesn’t come close to justifying the decision to bring your credibility into question for the sake of causing short-lived embarrassment to the PM and there’s a real danger of it backfiring badly.

A hung Parliament will serve no purpose whatsoever for the country, but a move like this is likely to lose more votes that are gained.

Big mistake…HUGE.


What are the chances, I wonder, of walking into a basement bar in Kyiv on the off chance of sitting in with the band and finding a left handed guitar just waiting for you to conveniently blast out the chords of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World in front of the world’s press?

Unless, of course, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken actually took his own leftie cherry red Epiphone Casino all the way to Ukraine…

You know, I actually think he did just that!


In the wake of the Cast report, parents are to be given the statutory right to see what sex education schools are going to give their children and teachers are to be told that they must concentrate on biological fact regarding gender.

Finally, a win for common sense and parental rights.


I can’t for the life of me understand why Premier League head coaches insist on their sides playing out from the back when it’s painfully obvious that, unless you’re Manchester City, most defenders and keepers just don’t possess the ball skills to do it?

Idiots corner

Tipping point:

Q: Which typically gold coloured substance used in jewellery is derived from tree resin?

A: Gold?

Q: Which ship canal links thee Atlantic and the Pacific from the Caribbean Sea?

A: Venice?


Edward Case