Whipps Cross tackles increase in bike thefts

A “sudden increase” in bike thefts from Whipps Cross staff has led the hospital to install new security.

Around 20 bikes are thought to have been stolen from the hospital since the start of lockdown three months ago.

One nurse, who discovered her bike was stolen after an eight-hour shift, was forced to walk home to Stratford as public transport would have taken longer.

Some have questioned what Barts Health NHS Trust, which manages the hospital in Leytonstone, is doing to protect staff from thefts.

A spokesperson for Whipps Cross Hospital said: “We are aware of a sudden increase in bike thefts from Whipps Cross Hospital over the past few months.

“To address this we have raised fencing, installed improved LED lighting with movement sensors, installed CCTV cameras which are monitored 24/7, and to access the bike storage an ID pass is required.

“We are also working with our security staff to ensure there is heightened vigilance towards these issues at all times.

“We understand how distressing an incident of this nature can be and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that Whipps Cross Hospital remains a safe place to visit for all.”


Victoria Munro

Local Democracy Reporter