Wickford like a shanty town

While I uphold the council for not allowing the building of flats on the old Swan Garage site, the site has been an eyesore for many years now.  
Why does the council allow the clearing of business to be turned into a demolition site before all plans have been agreed upon and work to commence within a specific time?  
This site is a disgrace to the area being on a main entrance road into Wickford and is making the Broadway and Wickford look like a run down shanty town, slowly dying on its feet.
To add to this, demolition has happened on the corner of Lower Southend Road Wickford (ALDI) for which I have yet to see any further work being undertaken. 
Will this be another eyesore added to the already scruffy neglected High Street?
On another matter, does the council ever visit sites of difficulty, for example Station Avenue Wickford?
This avenue is regularly blocked by traffic using the station, the no parking yellow lines are not enforced, buses cannot keep to timetables, traffic trying to exit Station Avenue gets blocked at the mini roundabout by shoppers turning into ALDI and the second hand business that unloads right on the junction almost on top of a bus stop. 
The whole high street becomes gridlocked.
Mrs Waeland
Wickford Resident