Woodford residents angry about seven new charging points on their road

Angry Woodford residents have demanded to know why Redbridge Council is proposing to install several electric vehicle charge points on their road.

At Redbridge’s full council meeting on Thursday January 25, seven Stanley Road residents said that there was a “disproportionate targeting” of new chargers outside their homes.

Redbridge’s public consultation with residents is understood to have involved notices attached to street furniture such as lampposts.

The council says it is planning to install “nearly 500” chargers across the boroughs to ensure every resident is within a three-minute walk of one by 2030.

Responding to repeated questions about why Stanley Road is the only location in the neighbourhood with proposed chargers, cabinet member for environment and sustainability Jo Blackman said roads are selected based on a “number of factors”, including anticipated demand and requests from residents.

She added that there are already charging points on nearby Derby Road, the council is planning charging points “across the borough”, and that locations are chosen “in line” with advice from Transport for London.

When residents repeated the question about why Stanley Road appeared to be targeted, Cllr Blackman said she had already answered the question.

However, outside the meeting, residents told the Local Democracy Reporting Service they “didn’t get an answer” about why one road could see so many chargers.

Addressing concerns about the impact on parking, the cabinet member said there will not be “dedicated EV bays” which would reduce available spaces for residents.

In 2022, the council signed a secretive £1.1million funding deal with taxi company UBER, allowing the company and its drivers to suggest the locations of 174 fast charging points at 87 locations.

The council says the locations chosen were “demand-led”, based on UBER drivers’ data showing “where resident drivers require on-street EV points”.

Although the 7-22kwh chargers are funded by the taxi company at £65,000 each, they will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

They will be operated by Believ but owned by Redbridge Council, which has negotiated a “revenue share percentage” of the price drivers’ pay for charging.

The council has now given final approval for the first two “tranches” of the charging points.

Details have not yet been released of three more tranches of on-street electric vehicle charging points, separate to the UBER deal, are due to be approved by Redbridge Council this year.

A spokesperson for Redbridge Council did not respond when asked whether the charging points proposed on Stanley Road are part of the UBER deal.

However, they said: “To date, we have consulted with residents on approximately 250 EV chargers across the borough, to enable local people to charge their electric vehicles more easily.

“The public was asked to submit their requests for EV chargers, which were considered alongside our EV Charging strategy and in consideration of future demand.

“We have consulted local people on these potential locations and are listening to people’s views.

“No decisions have yet been made and all feedback we have received on the proposed placements will be taken into account before final plans are drawn up.”

Click here to access the full Redbridge Council reports: https://moderngov.redbridge.gov.uk/mgListPlanItems.aspx?PlanId=396&RP=808%20

The council has an information page about electric vehicles in the borough: https://www.redbridge.gov.uk/roads-and-pavements/electric-vehicles/

According to the council reports, detailed designs will need to be approved before further Traffic Management Order consultations are carried out.

The 23 locations in tranche one of the charging points are as follows:

  • Sunnyside Road, Side of 265 Kingston Road, IG1 1HY Clementswood
  • Hampton Road, Side of 137 Richmond Road, IG1 1JT Clementswood
  • Winchester Road, Side of 49 Sunnyside Road IG1 1HX Clementswood
  • Sunnyside Road, Junction with Mortlake Road IG1 2TA Clementswood
  • Cleveland Road, side of 22 Rutland Road IG1 1ER, Clementswood
  • Harrow Road, Side of 1 Staines Road, IG1 2XA Clementswood
  • Opposite 21 Chudleigh Crescent IG3 9AT, Mayfield
  • Meadway, Side of 42 Dawlish Drive IG3 9BH Mayfield
  • Henley Road, Side of 15 South PArk Road IG1 2TJ Mayfield
  • Haslemere Road, Side of 373 Green Lane IG3 8DR, Goodmayes
  • Hazeldene Road, Junction with Abbottsford Road IG3 9QZ Goodmayes
  • Granton Road, side of 29 Ashgrove Road IG3 9XE Goodmays
  • Felbrigge Road, side of 20 Gartmore Road IG3 9XQ Goodmayes
  • Aberdour Road, sid eof 33 Abbotsford Road, IG3 9QX Goodmayes
  • Broomhill Road, IG3 9SQ Goodmayes
  • Arundel Gardens IG3 9XE Goodmayes
  • Woodlands Road, Side of 114 Mortlake Road IG1 2SZ Mayfield
  • Side of 75 Holmwood Road, Esher Road IG3 9XZ Mayfield
  • Opposite 355 Henley Road IG1 2TH Mayfield
  • South Park Road IG1 1SS Mayfield
  • Golfe Road, Junction with Gordon Road, IG1 1SU Mayfield
  • Frimley Road, Side of 124 Bletchworth Road IG3 9JH Mayfield
  • 252-222 Dawlish Drive IG3 9BX Mayfield

The 13 locations in tranche two are as follows:

  • Toronto Road Adjacent to No. 78 Coventry Road; Valentines IG1 4RE 0
  • Aragon Drive Opposite Nos. 3 and 4 Aragon Drive Fairlop IG6 2TQ 0
  • Airthrie Road Adjacent to No. 74 Kinfauns Road; Goodmayes IG3 9QL 1
  • Abbotsford Rd Opposite Nos. 45 and 47 Abbotsford Road; Goodmayes IG3 9QX 0
  • Rochford Avenue Adjacent to No. 155 Brian Road Chadwell RM6 5DD 0
  • Ray Lodge Road Opposite the side of No. 168 Ray Lodge Road. Bridge IG8 7PE 0
  • Perth Road Opposite Nos. 194 and 196 Perth Road; Valentines IG2 6DZ 0
  • Greenstead Avenue Outside Nos. 72 Greenstead Avenue Bridge IG8 7HE 0
  • Riverdene Avenue Opposite Nos. 30 and 32 Riverdene Road Loxford IG1 2AA 0
  • Dunedin Road Adjacent to No. 305 Thorold Road; Ilford Town/ Newbury IG1 4HE 0
  • Heathcote Avenue Opposite Nos. 12 and 14 Heathcote Avenue Fullwell IG5 0QS 1
  • Oxford Road opposite Nos. 2 to 6 Oxford Road; Loxford IG1 2XG 0
  • Broomhill Road adjacent to No. 614 Green Lane; Goodmayes IG3 9SQ 1

Josh Mellor

Local Democracy Reporter