World Cup domestic abuse spike warning

Campaigns are being prepared ahead of the World Cup which it is feared could see domestic abuse incidents soar.

It comes after figures show a spike in domestic abuse incidents during major football tournaments – Essex Police figures showed a monthly increase compared to the previous month when the Euros were being played in 2021.

There were 3,015 incidents in June 2021 compared to 2,847 in May that year – a six per cent increase.

That compared to a increase from 3,043 in May 2020 to 3,063 in June 2020 – a 0.6 per cent increase.

There was 2, 953 incidents in May 2019 which increased to 3,100 in June 2019 – a five per cent increase.

The Met Police saw 7,830 incidents of domestic abuse between June 11 and July 11 2019. This increased to 8,592 between June 11 and July 11 2021 when the Euros where being held.

Councillor Wendy Stamp urged Essex County Council to provide leafleting and information directing people to help if they suffer domestic abuse – particularly given the increase seen during major football tournaments.

The World Cup hosted by Qatar runs between November 20 and December 18.

Councillor Stamp said at Essex County Council policy scrutiny committee on October 13: “We all aware that the football World Cup is coming up as well and we all know that there is a spike in every town, village or parish.

“Can I ask that some some sort of communication is disseminated down to divisional councillors that we can print off.”

Clare Burrell, Head of Strategic Commissioning and Policy at Essex County Council said: “It is seasonal and it is related to events like football and we have communications lined up to go through our own Essex County Council channels for the public around relationships and around domestic abuse and I know the police are planning to run a partnership perpetrator campaign.”

Essex Police said they would be launching their World Cup communication strategy next month.


Piers Meyler

Local Democracy Reporter