Wrong house, wrong borough – protestors botch attempt to hand-deliver letter to Ilford MP

Protestors from Just Stop Oil targeted a house in the wrong borough in an attempt to deliver a letter to Labour MP Wes Streeting.

In a 40-second video uploaded to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday March 17, activist Phoebe Plummer stands outside a house holding an envelope for the MP.

She posts it through the letterbox, after saying it is what politicians have “always asked us to do anyway”.

However, the Ilford North MP remarked on X that Phoebe had the wrong house – and wasn’t even in the right borough.

Bins seen on the unidentified street indicate they are in Enfield when Mr Streeting’s constituency is in Redbridge.

The shadow health secretary, who has been an MP since 2015, responded on X: “I don’t know which poor sod got your letter, but that isn’t my house.

“If you want to write to me, you can do so quite easily via Parliament or my constituency office.

“Constituents can also visit my surgeries.”

Just Stop Oil replied to the shadow health secretary’s tweet, saying they had written to him last year and he “couldn’t be bothered to reply”.

The letter they claim to have sent him calls on Labour candidates in the upcoming general election to agree to “resign from the party within six months” if a Labour administration continues to allow new fossil fuel projects.

In the video, Phoebe, who has been arrested twice previously, claims to have “broken bail” to post the letter.

Less than two weeks ago, she was arrested outside the London home of shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry.

In a similar stunt, she was filmed hand-delivering a letter to the address.

Though the 22-year-old says it is not a crime to hand-deliver letters to politicians’ addresses, the Met says it takes the safety of elected officials “extremely seriously”.

Det Supt Sian Thomas said in a previous statement: “It is completely unacceptable to target MPs and elected officials at their home address and we will respond robustly to anyone who seeks to undermine our democratic values this way.”

The superintendent has been leading an investigation into the group after the Mail On Sunday revealed a plan by the environmental action group to “occupy” MPs’ homes ahead of the next general election.

Mr Streeting had been told he would be targeted if he did not quit the Labour front bench.

The group has attracted widespread media attention for its strategy of utilising civil disruption to call on Westminster to end new fossil fuel licensing and production.

Phoebe made international headlines in October 2022 when she threw tomato soup on Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” painting in the National Gallery before gluing herself to the wall.

A spokesperson for Just Stop Oil said: “You win some, you lose some.

“Hopefully Wes will do his duty to protect his constituents and uses whatever leverage he has to stop the dirty oil and gas extraction that is harming our communities.

“We are asking Wes to commit to resign from the Labour Party if, on gaining power, Labour fails to halt all oil and gas licences granted by the Tories since 2021.”

Sebastian Mann

Local democracy reporter