#YellowSport Fan of the Week…

 Lee Scourfield – Hullbridge Sports

This week, Hullbridge Sports supporter, Lee Scourfield is featured as our #YellowSport Fan of the Week

How long have you supported Hullbridge Sport?

I first watched them in the mid-’80s, having played youth football for the club from early that decade. For many years I split my time watching both Hullbridge and West Ham, but now it is just Hullbridge for me.

Where in the ground do you sit? 

I have never been a fan of sitting down at a football match, so I always stand and it has to be behind the goal we are attacking. That is when I’m not stewarding the tunnel area when the players enter and leave the pitch, collecting balls that have gone over the fence or changing the scoreboard.

Favourite all-time player?

We have had some incredible players over the years, including the likes of Craig Gillam, Tom Ranger and most recently, Liam Nash. But I would have to say my favourite was Gary Patterson. A fantastic centre forward, who had pace, power, good in the air and struck the ball so hard it was frightening. Scored some unbelievable goals too, which is exactly what you want in a forward.

Favourite current player? 

I think I would have to say, Jamal Allen. He can play centre half or centre midfield and is one of the players who always seems in control and finds time on the ball.

Most memorable match?

Again, a few stand out for me. Winning the Gordon Brasted Trophy was a fantastic night, beating Canvey Island 3-0 away last season in the league was a superb performance. But I would have to go with beating Stanway Rovers to win the Essex Senior League title on the final day of the 2018/19 season. I never thought we would ever be league champions, but it shows how far the club has progressed in the last three or four years.

If I could sign one player for my team it would be?

Lionel Messi, for me the best player in the world.

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