#YellowSport Fan of the Week…

Southend Manor media manager and supporter, Andy Wilkins, is featured as our #YellowSport Fan of the Week

How long have you watched Southend Manor?

Since April 2016. My first game at Southchurch Park was a 7-0 win over Greenhouse Sports in the Essex Senior League when Christy O’Donoghue scored a hat-trick. I loved it then and I still love it now. I’ve been involved with the media duties for the club since September 2019 when Michael Walther brought me in – it been great.

Where in the ground do you sit?

I walk all over the ground with my camera, but I love the goal ends.

Favourite all-time player?

Tough one but I’m going with Mo Kargbo. He was at Manor for two seasons and I can count on one hand the number of bad performances he had whilst there. His pace was unreal when driving in to attack.

Favourite current player?

Again, another tough one but I’m going with Reece Latimer. I knew Reece from school – he was a year or two older than me and was a good player back then for the school team. Low and behold, he comes to Manor last autumn and he does a brilliant job in defence. I’d argue he’s the ‘Mr Marvel’ that you get in your squad now and again.

Most memorable match?

The standout moment to me was when we were drawing 1-1 with St Margaretsbury in January, the first game of 2020. A corner comes in last, minutes of the second half, Reece Latimer gets hold of the ball and just smashes it into the net. The squad and myself celebrated like nothing else ever experienced since.

Of course, the 7-0 win over Greenhouse will remain special to me sentimentally despite having no major difference to the ESL table when it was played. The 1-0 win over Clapton FC in November was great purely because it was the first win since taking over media duties so it felt more poignant.

If I could sign one player for my team it would be?

Unrealistically, it would Jadon Sancho – he is going to be a world-beater and is playing for and against the best sides in Europe. He’d also fit the ethos of Manor in being young but purely gifted in talent.

Realistically, I wouldn’t mind the likes of Matt Price, Sam Bantick, Mike Finneran, Rhys Fatt and Dylan Skinner coming down to play for Manor one day when their careers are coming to an end one day. All are still class players.


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